Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Breast torture, fun for him and her

Today's post is about the wonderful breast torture.

It generally consists of tying up breasts with different intensities, to get results ranging from tight bulging breasts with a small discomfort

and then increasing the pressure to get nicer colors, like pink or red

and then getting to more extreme levels, beautiful and fun, where breasts reach a beautiful purple color, and the slave's discomfort is great

Why is breast bondage so popular? I can think of at least 3 reasons:

  1. Most men (and some women) feel a great attraction to breasts, and that's why it's natural to want to play with this body part.
  2. It's a very sensitive body part which can be easily turned into a cause of pain and discomfort.
  3. It has a psychological component, breasts are a big part of the definition of femininity, and that's why punishing them is almost like punishing the slave for being born a woman. Besides, women are used to having their breasts treated with tenderness and care, and therefore it's a big shock when they are hurt harshly and mercilessly.

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