Saturday, November 26, 2011

Color coded bondage - blondes

This the first post in a series in which we´ll see pictures of models coded by their hair color.

We´ll start with my favorite hair color, blondes.

This is a picture of one of my favorite tortures, the tying of a pair of beautiful breasts until they turn a beautiful purple shade!.

And if a blonde girl is good, two blonde girls is even better, don´t you think?

This is a picture of one of my favorite classic models, Cowgirl

And finally, a picture of a fairly recent model, who I like a lot, to the point that I think I´ve fallen in love with this beautiful blonde girl, Nicki Blue. I love you, Nicki!.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Restrained Elegance

In the previous post, we had some pictures of Paige produced by the company Restrained Elegance.

This company has two characteristics:

First one is they have models of an extreme beauty (especially the blonde girl in the second picture, I´d love to meet this angelical woman)

Y la segunda es un tipo de fotos bastante estilo "glamour", donde los escenarios, las ataduras y la poca ropa que las modelos usan tiende a ser muy sutil, fina, y, bueno, elegante.
And the second is a kind of pictures with a "glamourous" style, where the scenery, the ties and the little clothes the models wear tends to be very subtle, fine and, well, elegant. 

In this company we won't find pictures with exhausting positions for the models, or very difficult ties, or extreme pain (I haven't seen them use anything harsher than some soft-looking nipple clamps), but with such beautiful models and pictures of such quality, we really can't complain.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What should a woman wear to look beautiful? Cuffs and nothing else

I recently came across these pictures of a beautiful blonde girl called Paige Robbins, that show us how she can look gorgeous wearing only cuffs, first on her hands, and then on her hands and feet.

You can see why I had to share these pictures immediately after seeing them. This girl´s face and skin are beautiful, and her body is that of an angel's.

In this next picture, I like her face's expression, between fearful and eager.

And here are the rest of the pictures, including some that show us that besides being cuffed, she's in a cell, because if you have a toy as beautiful as this one, you have to take good care of it.

The company that made this pictures (Res trained El egan ce) produces images of such great quality with such beautiful models, that it will have one or more posts expressely dedicated, but for now just enjoy beautiful Paige.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Clothed Bondage

I´m not a big fan of bondage where the model/slave is shown wearing clothes, I prefer when they are shown naked or wearing their bra and panties.

Nakedness allows us to appreciate the beauty of the female body, and it helps with the humiliation and shame of the slavegirl. Nudity is something we usually reserve for ourselves or very close people, so being naked in front of a lot of people, maybe even strangers, helps in the sub's degradation, bringing her closer to the more primal or animalistic condition we want her to be.

However, from time to time I find pictures where the slave is dressed, and for some reason I like them. On this post I'm going to share some of them.

This first picture I like because of the cheerleader outfits, related generally to youth and "innocence" .

I like this one because it's outdoors, and her clothes make her look like a slutty girl, as if she put on the tinyest least covering clothes she had.

About this one I love the elegance air her clothes give her, and how her face shows her trying to keep her dignity despite the situation she's in.

In this pictures she's not completely dressed, but I love the contrast between her being clothed from the waist down, and naked from the waist up. It's an outfit we rarely see a woman in.

In this picture, the slave is dressed as a schoolgirl, which I think is one of the most generalized fantasies for men.

From this picture I like the composition that suggests two girls who live together and that have been tied up and gagged by an intruder in their house. I like the feeling of danger and "real life" it conveys.

On this picture, I like the expression and body posture of submissiveness and helplessness, as if she was a proud and strong police woman who's been broken and tamed.

In this picture she's not totally clothed either, but I like her white socks, that somehow maker look sweet and cute. Besides, it's a good contrast to the earlier picture, since here she's dressed only from the waist down.

And, last, we have this one when I again like the air of elegance her dress gives her, the way she tries to cover her breast, and the expression on her face, where we see her totally awed and unbelieving about the unthinkable situation she finds herself in.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Christmas, a little belatedly

Today I finally had some time to publish the Christmas post, with some pictures suited for the season, and to wish a merry Christmas to everyone out there, hoping you get the presents you desire, either a slavegirl or boy naked and tied up at your feet, or a pair of clamps squeezing your nipples and handcuffs tying your hands behind your back.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Hard Ties III : Very flexible girls

In the third chapter or "Hard Ties", we'll see some positions and ties that require having models or slaves with great flexibility, and that add pain and muscular discomfort just for being tied up like that.

Like this beautiful picture, where the submissive girl has to open her legs fully, and then we have the leather straps that make her lift her torso, when the more natural position would be having her torso perpendicular to her legs.

Or this one where the slavegirl has to put her legs over her head, and stretch her arms backwards. This is a position that leaves her asshole and pussy completely vulnerable, besides being uncomfortable for her back.

Our next picture is not that extreme, the model's only made to compress her body in a tiny package, but I'm putting it her because, well, it's Sarah Jane Ceylon and I love her :) .

Now we have a submissive girl with her legs open and raised, going behind her arms. Besides needing flexibility, the clamps on her tits and her pussy lips make the position tremendously difficult.

Here we have Cowgirl, whom you'll remember from a previous post, with her legs tied up together, leaving her pussy open to be tortured.

And lastly, this beautiful creature (I think it's Chanta in her submissive facet), in a tie that I really can't see clearly, but nevertheless it's incredibly sexy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet "Wind´s Breeze"

It´s a great pleasure for me to introduce you to the work of a colombian submissive photographer,  who´s just starting in the BDSM photography world (and besides being a great photographer, she knows a lot of very beautiful models).

Of course, the "just starting" part wouldn't be imagined by anyone if they saw the previous picture (my favorite one), which has the air and style of those professional pictures you can see online. 

This picture is my second favorite of Wind's Breeze's work, because of the slave's skin color, the subtle way in which her pussy can be seen, and the ruler thretening to turn this beautiful ass red.

You can visit Wind's Breeze at, please pay her a visit and tell her what you think about her wonderful pictures. I assure you we'll hear a lot from Wind's Breeze in the future.